We brought together passionate and creative Consultants and Experts for the Culturebrand Company Network. We work with highly recommended Consultants, with Communication and Marketing Experts, with Live Communication and Eventbusiness Lovers, with Sponsorship Professionals, with Philosophers, Designers, Architects and Writers, with CSR-Experts and international Tourism Professionals.

Managing Partner:

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Hubert Georg Feil

Hubert Georg Feil is Founder, Team Leader and Managing Partner of CULTUREBRAND.

___________! Passion for Emotional Brand Building.

Hubert is a communication expert and entrepeneur with passion for art & culture, green and sustainable projects and international tourism development. He loves the power and experience of emotional Live Communication. Since more than 20 years, he is a Partner of the Entertainment and Publishing Company Paradise Music GmbH and Managing Director of paradise media, Agency for Communication, Event Marketing and Sponsorship. He has been one of the Founders of the German Sponsorship Association, Board Member and President of the Association for many years. He is the Founder of the European Sponsorship Cluster “K-U-S” for Art-Social-Environmental-Sponsorship. He is also the Founder of the International Sponsorship Think-Tank “Sponsoring Forum” with Conferences and Workshops in several countries. Since 1999, Hubert is consulting with his Network and Team the annual European Capitals of Culture and he is developing the new European Commission Award “European Green Capital” in the Fields of Candidature, Marketing, Management and Sponsorship. He works as well as a Consultant for the UNESCO Word Heritage Titles, the Procedure of professional Candicies and Lobbying and PR on the way to a successfull Award Nomination. He speaks at international conferences and seminars.

He loves modern and contemporary art and italian rennaissance sculptures. He enjoys classical, pop, lounge, dance and jazz music. He is also a Literature and Philosophy Lover and even write Poetry and Novels himself. Hubert is a daily runner and he practises Yoga and ZEN for many years. He loves to travel


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